The story of our founders

Mercy Lee Bell and Alyssa May Hart combined multiple pandemic projects to build SoVo. As two women in long-term recovery, they recognize the power of speaking out on lived experience.

The mission behind SoVo

We know that there's not just science behind wellbeing, there's art. It's why we've produced stories, conversations, and workshops with a creative twist to support folks in talking about what's going on in their lives.

Looking for additional support beyond the SoVo platform?

Who we support:

Wellness organizations and brands looking to refresh their storytelling and build more inclusive conversations and community spaces.

What we do:

Unforgettable online and offline storytelling events, media campaigns, and programs that build awareness and community.

Why we can do it:

During the pandemic, we've built an ecosystem of speakers and facilitators around the world and have an in-house team of event producers!

Whether it’s social media, events, or campaigns—we can refresh brands, messages, and communities with storytelling experiences that transform the way the world thinks about you.

Stories we need to hear, for the wellbeing we want to have.


Talking about identity matters. Our mental health, our wellbeing, our recovery depends on it. SoVo is committing to amplifying voices that have been historically and unethically underrepresented. We envision a world where educators, facilitators, and allies are better equipped to have the nuanced and complex conversations required.

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