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Sober Tarot Salon

Laura will provide an overview on the tarot of recovery. Which cards are talking about addiction and which are leading you closer to connection?

Rock Bottom is Not a Pre-Requisite to Sobriety

Tawny Lara didn't wait until she lost everything before she stopped drinking, and you don't have to either.

Finding Your Self as a Sober Creative

Sober artists and creatives talk about what it means to be creative and sober in this panel moderated by Jen Batchelor, founder of Kin Euphorics.


An experimental session dedicated to cultivating a practice of clarity.

The Expert

Show is better than tell, right? Just listen to the honesty, clarity, and care in the voice and story of Anna Conathan in her piece, “The Expert.”

Relationships: A Spiritual Curriculum

All You Touch You Change: The Recovery Justice Framework

Through this interactive workshop, golden explores the framework and encourage us all to dream/strategize how we can realize our visions of a more just world where recovery and healing is accessible to all.

Phoenix Rising

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Lucy Keoni shares her life's journey that includes multiple deaths and rebirths in their own right.

Looking Back

How do we attend to our inner child? And ourselves? For Yomarie Castellano is preparing to return home to celebrate the life of her father, who passed away of an overdose when she was 8.