Sober & Thriving with Bipolar: An Asian American Perspective

Michelle Yang

Michelle Yang

Sober & Thriving Discussion Guide

Substance use disorder and bipolar disorder are often co-occurring, which increases stigma for both conditions. Michelle Yang, who was diagnosed with bipolar 1 at age 20, believes that the harmful effects of living in a culture that encourages self-medication can prevent those with mental health conditions from accessing the help they need.

Reflection Questions & Exercises

People choose sobriety for many different reasons. Michelle will talk about how her ability and privilege to lead an alcohol- and substance-free life helped her live well, happily. What led you to make the choices you've made around recovery and/or sobriety?
Michelle mentions that her younger self would never have believed that she, as someone with bipolar 1, could thrive in her career, her personal relationships, and as a mother, which inspired her to share her story of hope as a mental health advocate. What would your younger self never have believed? 

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