My Trip to Psychedelic Summer Camp

Ted Perkins

Ted Perkins

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Disclaimer: This interview relates an individual's personal experience of psychedelics in his recovery in controlled settings and under medical supervision. Psychedelics are controlled substances and SMART Recovery does not endorse their acquisition through illegal means for non-therapeutic recreational use.

Ted Perkins, aka the “Tips & Tools Guy” is a SMART facilitator and video producer. He also works for SMART creating the popular video series, Tips & Tools for Recovery That Works, Life Beyond Addiction, Facilitator Spotlights, and more. When he’s not behind the screen, Ted is an avid reader and learner. He is continually looking for ways to better himself, especially in his recovery. One way in which he’s done this is through the use of psychedelics drugs. He openly shares his experiences with people so they can learn and understand the powerful impact they made in his life.

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