Sip of Empathy

Simone Salvo

Simone Salvo

A Sip of Empathy Discussion Guide

Until 10 years ago, no one was allowed to step inside Simone Salvo’s grandmother June’s house. Join Simone on a walk through June’s lifelong creative legacy as they embark on a journey to catalog her memories and work as she nears 93 years.

Journaling & Reflection Questions

What stories of your life are most important to preserve to memory?
How do you make sense out of nonsense in your physical space? Your mental space? Your emotional space? 
What are some ways you've dealt with grief or loss in the past? Did it support you?
Can you relate to this quote from June: "I like to transform what was originally a sad thing, into something humourous, something new. It still reflects my past.“

Creative Exercise Inspired by the Audio Story: A Museum of My Mind

Let's imagine what moments, visuals, found objects, that would be in the museum of your mind. You can sketch or write a description. What moments would be captured and honored? What "marquee sign" would be on the museum of your mind?