Reignited: Finding Purpose and Passion

Mike Hooper

Mike Hooper

Discussion Guide

Mike shares his story. He proudly served his country in the US Army, but was secretly battling a substance use disorder. Upon his discharge from the military, he sought help from the VA office. There he found SMART Recovery. Today, Mike is the SMART State Outreach Director for Ohio and co-facilitator of the new Veterans and First Responders meeting.


What themes of Mike's story stuck out to you?
Have there been times during your journey where recovery felt obligatory? 
Have you "paid it forward?" in your recovery?  What was the experience like?

Creative Journaling or Drawing Exercise Inspired by a Quote

Take a moment to re-read this quote from Michael. Write or draw anything that comes in mind.

"Recovery was no longer a dark thought of consequence, obligation, or liability. It was a lifestyle. It was something to be proud of. It was to be celebrated.“