Recovery for Veterans: Former Navy SEAL Robert Moeller and Salesforce VP Chris Anthony

Robert Moeller

Robert Moeller

Discussion Guide

A conversation between technology executive Chris Anthony and Robert Moeller - a veteran voice on being sober.

Reflection Questions

As you're watching, write down what you connect with from Chris and Robert's story. This is their lived experience. What resonates? What doesn't?
Does asking for help feel overwhelming? Or daunting? Break it down. Write down some of the reasons why you might feel that way.
What does sobriety mean to you? What is healthy for you? What makes you happy?
Robert talks about micro-moments and small wins. What are those micro-moments and small wins for you in recovery? Write down 5 and practice noticing when they happen throughout the week.
What are your thoughts on the quote that Chris shares? "I've never met a successful person with an easy path.“