The Power of Sober Curiosity

Kirstin Walker

Kirstin Walker

Sober Curiosity Discussion Guide

Kirstin Walker, Founder of Sober Brown Girls, shares with us first hand why you should lean into your sober curiosity and where it could lead.


Take a moment to select questions that would best guide your own reflection, or group reflection, of this topic.

Are you sober-curious? Have you ever been? What do you think about the term? 
Kirstin started SBG (Sober Brown Girls) as a specific community space. Have you joined any for yourself? Why or why not?
Kirstin mentions the power of self-reflection, research, taking a break, and connecting with others that are sober.
Free writing exercise. Take 15 minutes to reflect on what you heard. What could you relate to? What thoughts, feelings, or body sensations came up for you?

Creative Writing or Drawing Exercise Inspired by a Quote

Take a moment to re-read this quote from Kirstin. Write or draw anything that comes in mind.

"After I realized it was the alcohol that was taking me down, I tried moderation. Moderation became an exhausting exercise in restraint. I obsessed more over alcohol with moderation than I did without it. Then it happened. I questioned, could I live without alcohol? Was it even a possibility. It was a terrifying concept to consider but with that thought came power. I came into my own power when I decided that alcohol and I just didn't vibe."