Affirmations with Brandon Be Happy

Brandon Anthony

Brandon Anthony

"Affirmations helped me get, a little bit of a better perspective on where I am today and how I can be better to myself and those around me."

-Brandon Be Happy (aka Brandon Anthony). He is the creator of Reddit's largest recovery group and a true voice of joy.

The Affirmations:

The world needs me like it needs water. 
I am strong, caring and loving. 
I am deserving of love. 
I am able to give and receive love. 
Joy surrounds me at all times. 
My capacity for joy is infinite.
I am only human, and there is so much power in that truth. 
I was created with absolute intention.
I would never ask a tree its reasons for existing. 
I would never wonder why water was here. 
Mount Everest began as an earthquake. 
Life's my party, I will not be a wallflower. 
I am happy with life on life's terms. 
God grant me the serenity. 
I am more than my mistakes. 
Today is a perfectly good day to make a change. 
I'm on the road towards finding the younger me. 
When things go wrong, I don't go with them. 
I don't have to know what's happening next. 
My favorite part of life is its unpredictability.
I choose to eat my dessert first today. 
Today would make a perfectly good holiday. 
What if heaven was a smile away? 
I'm celebrating the uncomfortable parts of growing up.

Creative Challenge: have a listen and choose one or two to put into your everyday routine. Report back on what you observed.