180 Days

Taren Sterry

Taren Sterry

180 Days Discussion Guide

After 15 years in hospice care helping patients and families experience "good deaths", Taren Sterry reflects on the nature of dying in her one-woman play '180 Days.' In this audio excerpt, she shares her real world experience working with, and reconciling, the common yet transcendant fact of death with clients and her own family.

Reflection Questions

What themes or ideas stuck out to me throughout this audio story on death, dying, grief and loss? 

Some concepts s that have stuck with other groups discussing this audio story. Feel free to re-listen to find them!

  1. The wagon scene / her grandfather's pretending for his wife.
  2. Being fascinated with death in her college years.
  3. Death, dying, and sickness as secrets (the bird watching scene).
  4. The many ways love can look when grief and loss are around the corner.
What messages about death or dying did I receive growing up?
  1. In your family?
  2. From leaders, teachers or mentors?
  3. From media / culture?

What are some ways I've dealt with grief or loss in the past? Did it support me?

Creative Exercise Inspired by the Audio Story

Let's talk about our own beliefs and ideas about death for a second. Take a moment to draw or write out the way YOU view death. How does this affect you, if at all?

“I thought it was fascinating how the ways that people live their lives affected how they view death, and how their beliefs about what death meant affected the ways they made decisions and ultimately, meaning out of their lives..“