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Frequently Asked Questions.

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Do you offer discounts for nonporfits?

Absolutely. We offer custom pricing for access to the platform for nonprofits and social impact organizations.

Do you offer special pricing for large organizations or institutions?

Yes we do! For privately held institutions, we provide discounted access to our platform above a certain number of licenses.

What is the past experience of the speakers who have contributed to this platform?

Our speakers bring a wide range of expertise. The stories that power our platform focus on lived experience. It includes the personal perspectives of many different viewpoints, including those of medical doctors, therapists, creatives, caregivers, everyday folks, recovery professionals, and students!

How long does it take to get SoVo up and running for my organization? 

Once you've gained access to the SoVo platform, we host an on-boarding session (or sessions) for your team and they should be ready to use the platform for themselves and for any group conversations they are faciliating.

Is Sourcing Voices a non-profit?

No. We are a privately held social impact startup.